Studio One 5 Review and First Impressions


Studio One 5 First Impressions Review

Studio One 4


Studio One 5

Before Studio One 5, there was Studio One 4 and it had some incredible features that make creating new music fun and fast. It was a very robust DAW until recently... I say that only because my more than capable computer kept dropping audio and crashing while Studio One 4 was running (or not running.)

I optimistically assume it was because their team was working so hard on Studio One 5 that they didn't have the time, or resources to fix these bugs.
Getting a Mac and switching to Logic was a real thought for me. Then, out of nowhere, Presonus dropped Studio One 5.

The Nightmare Studio One Session

In hopes that Studio One 5 would run better on my system than Studio One 4, I decided to install it on my system. After pulling up a nightmare session (one that has too many virtual instruments and plugins for any DAW) I braced myself and pressed play...

And, it played. All of my tracks and fx going at the same time. It was a minor miracle! There were still a few spots where the audio dropped out, but there where no crackles or harsh sounds. The tracks that it couldn't keep up with were briefly muted before coming back in. A much more elegant way of handling dropouts in my nightmare track.

I also mentioned this in the video above.

Presonus Sphere

Something else not entirely obvious in Presonus marketing was the addition of a service called Sphere and how integral to Studio One this could be... Or even to music in general.

Sphere is more than just an affordable subscription model for Studio One, it is also an easy way for artists to collaborate on tracks in Studio One (This seems kind of important considering the state of things in 2020)

Sphere Benefits:

A Studio One 5 Professional License

30GB of Cloud Storage

Notion - A Music Composition and Performance Environment

11 Presence XT add ons- Including Presonus Symphonic Orchestra

The Fat Channel XT plugin - 3 Compressors and 3 EQs

All Fat Channel XT add ons - 15 more analogue compressor and EQ models

Another 45 Sample and Loop Libraries

Still not convinced? Here is a video of me using the updated stock plugins on a track in Studio One 5. 

Visit Presonus to discover even more benefits that I'm sure I forgot to mention!!!

In Conclusion...Sphere!

So, what do I think this means for you and I getting our songs done?

For me, I'll be using Sphere and Studio One 5 to get a higher quality result even faster. I'll be able to use the built-in fat channel expansions for vibe and color as well as the additional sound and vst instrument libraries to explore more musical possibilities in an integrated environment.

OK, but what is Studio One 5 missing? 

The main types of plugins that Studio One 5 is missing natively are spectral processors and equalizers. I'll be doing a review of some of these soon. So, be sure to sign up for the newsletter to be notified when that is available.

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